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October 20, 2019

ATV Experience – 4 Hours


Welcome to the best Jungle & River ATV Adventure in Costa Rica. This experience stops at Tulin River, Gamalotillo Waterfalls and El Tigre Sightseeing.

Tulin River: This is a lovely river surrounded by lots of vegetation. We stop on a tall bridge which is a perfect site for pictures. The river is vigorous during rainy season but it is very calm and low during dry season. Depending on the river height we can get into the river for some splashing fun.

El Tigre Sightseeing and Restaurant: This is an amazing work of reforestation in progress! The owner of the farm, born and raised in Costa Rica is a nature lover who has slowly been reforesting a mountainous land that was once used for cattle and did not have many trees left. His goal is to make it a small forest and refuge for wildlife. At first, he built a big roofed deck to contemplate the stunning panorama overlooking the mountains and the ocean in the background. Now it is Jaguariders’ exclusive resting area with a typical Restaurant operated by nearby locals. It is a great chance to get some drinks, snacks, a homemade meal or simply relax by feeling the nice breeze while observing great views. Part of the income goes towards contributing to planting trees and feeding rescued animals.

Gamalotillo Waterfall: (Swim-able Pool) This is the most popular destination within our riders. There is a little walk involved on a jungle like trail, beautifully adorned by green vegetation and tall trees. The trail is about 5-minute walk that can be muddy in rainy season. The waterfall is about 30 feet high and perfect for jumping off and splashing water in its natural pool. For those who rather not jumping off, they can just relax and swim in its refreshing waters.


  • 4 hour ATV tour
  • Bilingual guides
  • Insurance
  • Safety equipment
  • Fruits & water
  • Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Honda Foutrax 420cc and Kymco 300cc vehicles are used on the tour.

What To Bring:

  • Extra clothes (preferably activewear)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Swimming clothes

Please Note:

  • Drivers must be 18 years
  • ATV passengers must be a minimum of 8 years old
  • You may get dirty on this tour, please dress appropriately
  • Minimum of 1 person, Maximum of 50 people
  • Pick-up is is included within the Jaco area.
    If you are in the Jaco area: please contact your Guide & Coordinator, Antonio by sending your him a message at +506 8632 6952 or click here to automatically open a conversation with Antonio on WhatsApp so that he can arrange your pick-up.
  • If you are not in the Jaco area: Please meet at Playa Hermosa Vacation Office in Central Jaco 30 minutes before your tour time or if you need transportation coordinated for you, please contact your Guide & Coordinator, Antonio by sending your him a message at +506 8632 6952 or click here to automatically open a conversation with Antonio on WhatsApp.
  • If you are a member of an existing reservation made under a different name staying at one of our Vacation Rental properties, please include the name of the person that the existing reservation has been made under in the Order Notes during the Checkout process so that we can be aware of this.


  • Quad ATV: $145 per person – deposit is $30 per person
  • Bring cash or credit/debit card to pay the remaining balance on the day of the experience if you choose to pay only a deposit before your scheduled tour. Keep in mind that you can pay a deposit now and also pay the remaining balance online later as well.
  • If you would like a Buggy Style ATV instead of a Quad ATV, it is a $145 additional charge.

Costs For Sharing ATVs:

Sharing a Quad ATV (4-wheeler)

  • 2 people can fit on a Quad ATV (4-wheeler).
    If you plan on sharing a Quad ATV then the 2nd person only needs to pay $30 extra and not the full $145. When making your reservation here, you only need to list 1 person. We will collect the additional $30 the day of your ATV Experience.
    For example:
    If 4 people are going on the tour and they will be sharing 2 Quad ATVs there will be 2 people on each Quad ATV. So when making the reservation here on this page, you need to count each Quad ATV as a person, in this case 2 people. The cost would be $290 now and the 2 additional people sharing the ATVs will be only $30 each and collected the day of the tour.

Sharing a Buggy ATV

  • 1-4 people can fit on a Buggy ATV.
    It is $145 additional for a Buggy ATV. If you plan on sharing a Buggy ATV and 1-4 people will be riding in the Buggy ATV, when making your reservation here on this page, you need to count everyone riding in the Buggy ATV as 1 person.
    For example:
    If 5 people are going on the tour and 2 people want a Quad ATV for each of person and the remaining 3 people want to ride in 1 Buggy ATV, you would count this reservation as 3 people and you would add 1 Buggy ATV in the Buggy Style ATV Option below. It would be $145 for each Quad ATV and $145 additional for the Buggy ATV ($290 + $145) with 3 people riding in it making the total $435.


Start times: You can choose from 8am & 12pm

From: $145.00

Buggy ATV Option

If you would like a Buggy ATV, it will be an additional $145 for each Buggy ATV.
Each Buggy ATV has a capacity of 1-4 people.

**Make sure to count all people in each Buggy ATV as 1 person, in the total Person count above.

How many Buggies do you need?

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